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The eternal idea of handcrafting a product with the best materials, focusing on quality, utility, and timeless design that is both modern and traditional, is the foundation of BIKDESIGNS. With BIKDESIGNS, we hope to spread and encourage this appreciation among others. We want to inspire a new generation of people to value and appreciate the artistry that goes into each product by sharing our enthusiasm for handcrafted leather items. Our dissatisfaction with the restricted selection of quick fashion and luxury brands led us to start BIKDESIGNS.

Why does paying expensive money for a brand name and logo exclude buying high-quality goods? We draw our inspiration from enduring forms, effortless elegance, and excellent precision, which enables us to keep costs down and make handmade goods more widely available to people who value them. Our objective is to provide goods that will delight our clients every day and last a lifetime.

We appreciate community comments and are always open to hearing from you. Please don't hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or comments: info@bikdesgins.com


Our artisan workshop, The Studio, is owned and operated by us and is situated in the center of Thailand. All of our products are made by talented artisan. As they say, location is everything! Our proximity not only lessens our environmental effect, but it also promotes the kind of com-munity spirit and relationship building that we so much appreciate. Our company is a people business. We have some of the best in terms of design, production, customer service, and our wonderful clients.

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We carefully select our cotton and leather materials and handcraft each piece with only a small amount of machine assistance to ensure that they are not only fashionable but also of the highest quality to last for a long time. This has been the approach we took from the start and will continue to be so.

We put a lot of effort into staying current with the newest fashion trends in order to deliver you exquisite products at affordable prices.

With many new owners shopping and stocking their choicest piece from our store. Our amazing products are becoming the talk of individuals and we're aiming at a more widely recognized name throughout the affordable fashion world.

We create a variety of exquisite handbags, crossbody bags, purses and accessories; to guarantee an ever evolving selection of fantastic stylish product.

From the chic, traditional handbags to the adorable chunky knit throw. we are certain we stock something for everyone. They are the ideal, multipurpose women's products that are appropriate for usage seven days a week.

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Geometric Design 1 Hand bags

Introducing The Everyday Purse from Bik Designs,

$80.00 USD $70.00 USD

Coral Pink CrossBody Bag

Introducing our Coral PinK CrossBody Bag exqui...

$50.00 USD$40.00 USD

Chunky Handknit Throw

Each strand are made to order & Sold separately.

$129.00 USD$119.00 USD

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