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Geometric Design 2 Hand bags

Geometric Design 2 Hand bags

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Introducing The Everyday Purse from Bik Designs, a beautifully crafted Peruvian-inspired cross-body handbag designed with a timeless elegance that is both modern and traditional. The exquisite craftsmanship of this purse is inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Peru which shines through in the traditional geometric shapes and patterns that are lovingly woven into the fabric.

To create these intricate Geometric Design 2 Hand bags patterns, our artisans meticulously craft each bag by hand, weaving soft cotton into striking geometric shapes and traditional designs that reflect the beauty and culture of South America. Each bag is then finished with a PU leather handle, a detachable cross body strap and embellished with a matching buckle closure.

The Everyday Purse can be worn in three different configurations to suit your needs boasting both functionality and effortless street style. Geometric Design 2 Hand bags They are the perfect, versatile women’s Geometric Design 2 Hand bags you can use any day of the week. Use the long leather strap to wear the purse on your shoulder, or as a cross body bag for more security about town. For a more sophisticated evening look, simply detach the strap and use the singular handle.
Inside Geometric Design 2 Hand bags you’ll find two spacious compartments lined with soft fabric, perfect for neatly organizing your personal belongings including your phone, keys and wallet. Keep your valuables safe with the zipper pocket and card slots attached to the inner walls for added protection and security.
With fifteen stunning Geometric Design 2 Hand bags colour combinations to choose from, you are sure to find a bag to match any outfit and any occasion.

  • Measures 3”D x 9”L x 7”H
  • PU leather handbag with handle and cross-body strap
  • Matching buckle embellishment
  • Woven cotton exterior
  • Geometric designs inspired by traditional Peruvian artwork
  • Made in Thailand
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